Khartoum, Sudan
Phase 1 completed, partially completed

In a country which is considered the gateway between Middle East and Africa, Mushaireb is situated at the convergence of the Blue and White Nile rivers in Khartoum. 

This is an historic location at the heart of Khartoum, Sudan – where the Blue Nile and the White Nile meet. In the vicinity of the Presidential Palace, business district and Khartoum International Airport, Mushaireb is a much sought-after destination for the tourism, high-end residential and commercial sectors of Khartoum.

The development features around 500 exquisite homes and over 6,000 square metres of retail space, together with the a site for a future five-star hotel and additional commercial space – combining to deliver exceptional lifestyle, business and entertainment opportunities.

Contemporary and Islamic motifs are woven into the development’s architectural and design fabric, within a secure urban landscape. Khartoum’s ethnic character, traditions and heritage have helped craft a unique identity for Mushaireb – already recognised as a landmark of Sudan for local and international visitors alike.