Qatar & GCC
Doha, Qatar

​Lusail City is Qatari Diar’s flagship project. More than just another development, it is a sustainable and comprehensively planned city signifying Qatar’s progress on a grand scale.

No other project embodies the spirit and ambition of the Qatar National Vision 2030 better than Lusail Lusail – the  nation’s  largest  development and  a  blueprint for  Qatar’s  urban   transformation and multicultural fabric.

Located to the north of Doha, the new city is both an anchor for the nation’s thriving economy and  a beacon of smart living.

Lusail extends across an area of 38 square kilometres, including four exclusive islands,  with 19  residential, mixed-use, entertainment and commercial districts. The city will feature no less than 15 hotels  with  an international  star rating. Lusail’s rich diversity  of residential, business, hospitality  and leisure projects will prove to be a boon for investment and tourism in Qatar.

On completion, the scenic surroundings of Lusail will be home to more than 200,000 residents;  around 170,000 professionals will be based in its business areas; and an average of 80,000 visitors a day are expected to use its retail, hospitality and leisure attractions. That adds up to a potential  active population approaching 450,000 people.

The many residential developments across the city not only offer stunning homes, but also  enable self-contained community living – with integrated schools, mosques, medical facilities,  entertainment and shopping centres.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of the plan. The city’s green spaces are brought to   life by  two  major major  park networks, Crescent  Park  and  Wadi  Park,  which  provide  ample  space walkways, sports  fields fields and  bicycle  lanes, as  well  as   open  access to   waterside promenades.